Our Mission

At Go Away Steve we believe that all Men, Women, Absorgender, Gendernegative, Hydrogender, Leukogender or whatever you identify as, even if that's a cardboard box, have the right to sit in front of your laptop, without the fear of being watched. That's why it's our mission here at Go Away Steve to give everyone the choice to have the privacy they deserve at home.

Did i hear limited quantity?

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Why you should be worried

Did you know that there is a 5% chance that 80% of the time you're being watched 100% of the time by a creepy FBI agent like Steve. Just check our research here.
But don't worry, the brave souls at GoAwaySteve are hell bent on allowing you to switch between your special alone time and video calling grandma from college in one swift motion.

Chin up! You look quite upset through your webcam.